Menu one first click to work (Set Input Mode issue)

Hi guys,

I have a issue with Set Input Mode IU Only, yes, work for me, i dont need and extra click now but:

I called de PauseMenu with “ESC” key and close the PauseMenu with “ESC” key again [or resume game button] so, since i put Set Input Mode IU Only the “ESC” key needs 2 clicks to open PauseMenu and now, do nothing when the game is Paused. (Only works the resume game button)

Any idea?

(The first “pause” really is checked, i uploaded the wrong screenshot, only that)

try to check after flip-flop which sides it goes. both side add print string method. I think it goes first on B and then A. Just try and we will resolve this issue.

You are right, first click call B, second click call A (Open Pause Menu), next click do nothing.

Just Reverse the pins Good luck

Hehehe, yep, i tried it when make the print strings and it does the same but in reverse.

First goes A (lower) and second click goes B (upper) (Open Pause Menu), next click do nothing.


So don’t worry. First remove flip-flop function , i think problem is there. Then add 1 bool variable “IsAddMenu”. after press “Escape” change this variable (if IsAddMenu is true set false , and it’s false set true ), then add branch and check if IsAddMenu is true make A and if it’s false make B.

I’ll try kubiknubik ;))))

Ok, i am getting the same errors like the Flip/Flop.

I´m really new in UE (3 weeks), thank you for your patience kubik :wink:

change “Rama” with this.


on true spin set “is add menu” false and on false spin change to true

Hi kubiknubik,

sorry for the delayed, i was building lights and scenes, more time.

Is not working :confused:

I’ll show you the PauseMenu blueprint too, but i think the problem is in the Level Blueprint.

Firstly, i had looked your earlier picture and found a mistake. You are creating widget each time, when you are creating line trace. You need to create widget only once , on begin play event. Change this and notify.

Hi kubiknubik!,

sorry i dont understand what exactly line trace you tell me to modify, can you be a little more specific please? Thank you!