Menu Model Viewer 3D (Windows PC, Android Mobile)

Hi all, mine first tool I’ve created into UE4. It is multi-functional tool for any game mode. Can be used as model viewer only (without main menu and gameplay) Menu Model Viewer 3D PAD Android pre alpha Preview Menu Model Viewer 3D PC Windows pre alpha Preview

By profession I am 3D Modeler / Level Designer / Character Rigger.

This is pre-alpha preview. I am planning to upload tool when its done on UE4 marketplace. (model saving is currently in progress)

Comment please, some ideas how to upgrade it until release.

As an artist myself, few feature I hope to add

  • Add custom lighting
  • Able to put in custom HDR map, or atleast few of them to swap around
  • custom backdrop colour/ HDR background
  • IOS request :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, HDR bp is what I was thinking before - completely agree.

Well IOS is the almost the same as Android devices, but I didn’t have any Apple devices yet, and I tested the tools only on mine Android devices. (IOS is not confirmed by default, but It’s have a high chance to work on IOS devices)

The second thing I was thinking was model customization (Modular), but customization needs to be calculated for any model user wanted to add to MMV3D this what I am searching for now.

And some palette stuff work by Kyle.D or something like that - have no idea how to do it because I am a beginner into BP, but BP system is very cool thing - I mean even artists can do the stuff

its take alot work, i am artist my self but i can’t blueprint :frowning:

Well I spend about 2 month to getting into the process after current new year day in 2017, but before it I worked for 1-2 years with UE4 animation and rigging things. Btw I found UE4 interface intuitive and very well done compare to Unity or Cryengine. I’ve downloaded a lot of blueprints and bought 2 tools one of them is from UE4 marketplace. Blueprint system is really genius