Menu for HDM 1stPerson

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to develop a simple menu for a simulation i’m doing with the Oculus Rift.
I’m basically aiming to use meshes in the environment as “buttons” and these should be clickable by the player. As they are using the Rift, I need to use the center of the screen as the cursor.
How can I set this up?

Thanks in advanced for any help!

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Try this if you haven’t yet c:

(That “last menu” ref like i did is ********, just put everything in the Mouse Click event)

Step 1: Cast a Raycast

Step 2: Check the hit object (class (and tag maybe))

Hey Krautpotato,
I have no idea what you are showing me, I don’t understand… but i do have until cast the line and opening up…

There you can see what im up to and why i need to do this… maybe this can help you explain me what im doing wrong or what i need to do!

Thanks in advanced!

@dotgod thanks for the link, I did do all up to the cast the line thingy but the documentation is nice (even though i dont understand some of the terms) xD

Give this 1 a go. It has blueprints in there for handling look at interactions already. You should be able to replicate and learn from that pretty easily.

Hey ZoltanJr, thanks for the link.
I already had it downloaded and tried to replicate it but there were just so many variables coming from other components at the same time that it quickly became a mess… Ill try it again, maybe understanding the vector drawing was the key.