Menu/create,find session/server browser/lobby chat system


I’m working on Menu and lobby system in blueprints.

Menu- create,find and join from list

Lobby- chat , player counter,display names of current players.

And I want to sell it on the marketplace but this system only works if I include two levels: Menu and Lobby and I don’t know if is allowed to include this two levels with my blueprints(4 widgets,player state,game state, game instance and 1 game mode).

Sorry if this is a wrong section.

As far as I know, marketplace items are supposed to work with other setups, so if you sold it as a blueprint, you wouldn’t want to be including levels, because blueprints should work with any one level.

Ok thanks,

Without my levels user only need to make their own menu and lobby level and set the game mode.
Edit: Is that ok?

I recommend decoupling the system from the level bp. I personally use actor bp in which I can drop into the level or spawn/destroy at runtime.

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: