Menu buttons stuck

I created a menu for my project, but every when I press New Game the game start properly but the buttons remain on screen.
I posted here some screenshots with
** level blueprint**

widget blueprint

and stuck menu

How can I make it work?

I have seen another post, have the same issue.

I can ask you where and if the problem was solved there? I didn’t found something about that in forum. But I found something about linking " Set Imput Mode…" after " Remove from Parent" , but did not work.

Bigdey…your issue is you have too many things going on for a simple operation. Less is more.

  1. In your original Level Blueprint you are adding the widget to the viewport and setting the input mode, but you need to put a “check” in the “Show Mouse Cursor” so that when you utilize the widget you will have a pointer.

  2. In your widget blueprint, you do not have to recreate the “Set Input Mode Game Only” node again. Remove that and wire in the Remove from Parent & Set Mouse Cursor node together and you’re done.

Just remember, UMG Widgets do not have all the same functionality as a level blueprint. Just need to be careful with node use and use the least amount of wiring as possible to get the job done. If you must have more functionality through the Widget blueprint, you will need to look into variables, and casting.

short story, it looks like you are loading a new level which doesn’t actually have the umg menu widget loaded into it

I wouldn’t use the level BPs for this unless you want to cast & handle the actual umg elsewhere. although you can, I just personally don’t like doing much at all in Level BPs.
another words I don’t believe the umg will persist to another level, not in this fashion anyway
so you are basically loading the menu then loading your level which is actually loading in the background then when the new level is loaded the menu is just stuck there, nonresponsive.

also take the advice SeminoleNation posted