Menu blueprint widget not working second time it's spawned

I have a blueprint main menu that loads when the game start. There is a button, New Game, that when pressed removes current actors in level and creates new ones.

When the button is pressed it sets of an event in my level blueprint through an even dispatcher and the menu disappears. Just before it removes itself, it creates a new widget button, which again will spawn the main menu.

The problem is that the second time the main menu is created the New Game Button will not set of the event in the level blueprint. It works fine when the game starts though. So what am I doing wrong here?

Level Blueprint:

Main Menu Blueprint:

Menu Button Blueprint:

I found I solution. I think that the new main menu created the second time looses its references somehow. I made a new blueprint MenuLogic so that I don’t have to deal with eventdispatchers either. Here are my four blueprints if anyone needs it: