Mentee(s) wanted

I’m looking to train someone in the dark arts of level design, including everything a visual artist could bring in UE4: modeling, unwrapping, texturing, shading, rigging, lighting, composition, basic BP scripts.
I’m not sure I’m posting in the right section, but this seemed most appropriate. Thus, please don’t stress to much for me not using the template.

I’ve left my full time job recently and I’m working solo on two major projects at the moment, however, being solo takes its toll on me and I’d appreciate some company(skype). Since I have experience in producing training material and teaching others I’ve decided it would be nice to pick up a mentee or two.

This is something I’ve worked on up until recently at my former workplace; the video is a bit old, currently the level is about 3 times bigger.

Here is a selected portfolio of past works of mine. I have over 7 years of professional experience in the broader field of CG and I’m also a licensed Architect.
issuu portfolio
I’m not looking to train someone from scratch but rather looking for beginners in **3ds max | Photoshop | Zbrush | UE4 ** with a passion for visual arts, enough time on their hands and a steel resolve.
It would be quite lovely to meet a professional programmer that could teach me in return a thing or two about more complex UE4 stuff, but it’s not something I’m actively looking for.

If you have some feedback as to ways of improving my chances of finding someone with the motivation to learn more about CG production, feel free to comment bellow.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
George Cretu

I’d really like to learn, but my only prior experience is working on a very basic level in photoshop. I’m interested in learning… but I think I qualify as someone who’d have to learn from scratch. The level looks cool though, good luck on your work either way.

Well I suppose I’d qualify for what you’re looking for as far as a programmer goes. I’m by no means an expert or anything, but I’d like to think I can work well in the Engine. I know where things are in Photoshop, and how to do some basic tasks, but am far from experienced; however I do not have 3ds nor ZBrush. I have Blender, which of course is not the program(s) you’re talking about. Anyway, I’d love to take an hour or two every so often to trade skill. My Skype is my username here.

I would be interested in refining my work and learning. I am by no means a from-scratch person. Feel free to hit me up on Skype: johniemerson and/or email me at johnemerson[at] You can see my portfolio if you need to judge beforehand.

Thanks for the replies guys! Was beginning to lose hope.