Men wanted for hazardous journey.Low wages,and long hours.Honour and recognition in event of success

There is a famous paper ad wrote by Sir Ernest Shackleton’s : “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.”
I honestly think my proposal here isn’t any different, and if you’re someone with passion and eagerness to start working for yourself then maybe we could do that together.
While doing my MSc this year I realised that VR is probably the way to move forward and that the potential within the field is absolutely massive, therefore i would be looking to start-up a new studio in the Midlands. In terms of my experience i just started an Unreal course and i will do my best to gain as much knowledge as possible, my strong points being in sales, marketing and product development.
I would really enjoy finding someone to partner with and start this small venture. I could potentially have some projects to begin with, some marketing and brand ideas and I believe that combining the experience of both individuals would prove beneficial.
If this sounds like something one may be interested in , drop me a message :slight_smile:


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Ideas, sales, marketing and product development skills don’t bring much to a game dev team, unless you already got enough programming and artist talent on the team.

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I’ve encountered this pitch so often: “I have an awesome app idea, looking for someone to build it for free or % of sales. This will be a huge success”.
Never seen it work.

What I have seen is people joining existing teams as interns; people building stuff after a long time learning; people entering game jams etc. Good luck in any case

Hi ,
I’ve been working in Unreal for some time now, we have a project successfully underway with a skilled full team in terms of development. What I would like to offer is a partnership in the sense that I’ll pick your brain relating to sales, marketing and product development to see if we’re missing anything - as it is your strong suit - and in return, I will provide assistance relating to problems you may encounter in your early stages of UE4 useage for a decent duration. I can assure you, we know a fair deal :wink:
If this sounds good for you, then i’d be happy to drop you my Discord. If not, I still wish you the best of luck!

– Zack