Memreport Interpretation

This is an excerpt from a memreport. Does anyone know what the numbers on extreme left represent? Their sum overshoots

What should I look for so that the sum for the left most numbers matches Process Physical Memory?

Numbers on the far left are bytes. So You’re using ~901MBs of Texture 2D Memory. 120MBs or so of Texture 3D memory, etc. Texture Memory + Streaming pool are set to ~3GBs, but that’s likely virtual memory, I imagine the Used Streaming Pool is the physical backing so ~200MBs there.

Thanks for the quick response!
How can we determine which STAT_GROUP uses which kind of memory? Is there a flag to list STAT_Groups using virtual memory and the ones using physical memory, my aim is to find out how the numbers sum up to Process Physical memory or Process Virtual Memory, so that I can have a complete account of how memory adds up

No idea, you can try something like the LLM Tracker and see if that gets you a more digestible read out.