Memory usage gap between Platform memory stat and Allocator stat


I’m looking at memory report and I have a question. When I use a console command 'MemReport", I get a log like this.

Platform Memory Stats for WindowsNoEditor
Process Physical Memory: 1770.79 MB used, 1848.38 MB peak
Process Virtual Memory: 2779.14 MB used, 2936.46 MB peak

Physical Memory: 8855.72 MB used, 32675.31 MB total
Virtual Memory: 3281.84 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total

Allocator Stats for binned:
Current Memory 902.42 MB used, plus 49.64 MB waste
Peak Memory 1361.68 MB used, plus 40.76 MB waste
Current OS Memory 952.06 MB, peak 1402.44 MB
Current Waste 29.06 MB, peak 37.51 MB
Current Used 902.43 MB, peak 1361.68 MB
Current Slack 20.58 MB
Allocs 1152838 Current / 28860553 Total

My question is why there is huge gap between “Current OS Memory 952.06 MB” of Aloocator Stat and “Process Virtual Memory: 2779.14 MB” of Platform Memory. Where should I look at to account for it?



Sorry for the delay in replying!

The short answer is that we don’t know for definite, and don’t have any accurate ways of determining this difference at the minute. It is something we plan on looking at very soon though! Anything that directly calls malloc, static variables, stuff allocated through third party libs that we don’t hook will potentially show up in this way. Other things like in-memory executable size may also be included in this.

Hopefully, this is an area we can improve on in the future!