Memory leaks while opening blueprint editor

Hi. I’m using ue4 editor well :slight_smile: and good.
But now I’m experiencing a critical bug in editor.
Every time I open blueprint editor, the usage of memory increases, I mean repeating on a same blueprint.
Do you realize this problem? I didn’t know that before I turned on ‘show Frame rate and Memory’.

Ah, the number of objects never decrease.

So Now, I understand why ue4 editor is getting slow during developing.

Hi Varioov,

I was able to reproduce this and am attaching this page as well as my findings to a bug report for assessment. Thank you and have a great day!

a bug fixed? I can still see that problem :p.
In addition to it, you may know that all kinds of sub-editors like Persona and etc cause same problem too.

Hi Varioov,

Are you seeing this memory leak on the most recent version of the editor?

Yes, I’m seeing it in 4.5.1.
I repeated this in my project and Content Examples.
Both also has a same result.

Hi Varioov,

This has been reported and is currently being assessed by the development staff. Thank you!