Memory leak

Hello epic, I grabbed the UE4 few days ago and after some time lets say half an hour or more the engine start getting very laggy and by looking into it I noticed a massive memory leak after about 2 hours of work it starts sucking up around 7 GB of ram , now this wouldn’t be a problem if I could just restart the engine and go on with my work, but I can’t. No matter how I shut it down the process UE4Editor.exe always stays on even if the engine is not running.I tried ending the process from the task manager but it does nothing.
So the only way for me to get rid of it is by restarting my PC , and if I don’t it just freezes my PC eventually. Now I don’t mind the memory leak, since its a great piece of software and I am sure either you are working on it or its somehow my PC-s fault but I would just like to be able to shut down the UE4Editor.exe so I don’t have to restart my PC every time. Is there any way you can help me with this?

UPDATE: I just found out if I close the editor after about 30-45 min while its at around 4GB the process goes away after about 10-15 min.

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Sooo Its unresolved, well I guess I better grease up my restart button

I might be tripping but I’m like 80% sure the last launcher update made the UE4Editor.exe close quicker and lag less :slight_smile:

Fix targeted for UE 4.15 - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39211)

I have enormous memory consumption when I going with blueprint breakpoint debugger, have some of you guys confirm this?
Like put a breakpoint somewhere in the middle of some quite long algorithm and go F10 for it for like a minute.

That’s very good to hear about the fix! I just hope it fixes the whole memory leak because mine wasn’t tied to PIE but when I said it started lagging less and closing sooner it might be because I stopped using PIE, but the memory leak still persisted after about 2 hours of work or like 35 min if I was working with Phat.

This is a great post to see. I also have crashes every 20-30 minutes, which is getting absurd.

One of those links mentioned the ability to view the editor mem usage. I noticed that mine begins at 1gb and climbs. It crashes shortly after hitting 3gb. While it’s not an ideal solution, at least now I can try to monitor the usage and quit+restart before a crash happens.