Memory leak when opening gamemode

I’m having an issue that i noticed recently, that now whenever I open my GameMode blueprint the editors memory will start increasing by about 100mb every second or so, this quickly leads to my 16gb ram being used up.

I’m not sure exactly whats causing it but I’ve included the project files, If you open TSimGameMode, while the editor is in the foreground you will see the memory usage shoot up fairly constantly link text
If it helps I’m running this on Windows 10

This might not be related to class of Blueprint as this does not effect blueprint editor really, maybe some node causing this? If you want you can experiment more on different classes, mor info always helps Epic :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have a lot of tabs open within that blueprint?

Yea actually I do. Usually 10+. It seems that if I open the tabs from nothing it seems to stay at a reasonable amount of memory. However if i then close the project, and reopen it, it automatically has my previous tabs open in that blueprint, which then sees the memory usage skyrocket

This is a known issue that is fixed in 4.11(UE-21203). It occurs when the tabs are so small that the text on them is almost completely occluded.


Awesome, thanks !