Memory leak when dragging open world demo assests UE4.11.0

Today I downloaded open world demo collection from the launcher. I already knew that in my system about 2 hrs would take to load an asset. Previously it took about 1 hr to compile 6000 shaders while creating a complex landscape material. But when I drag the smaller meshes like flowers from kite demo it does not crash or hang. When I drag I large asset of a rock, then my editor not only freezes but the memory usage shoots up until it shows 100 % usage. This does not happen with other assets. I was told that it would copile more than 10000 shaders and would take load times of upto an hr but I did not expect a memory leak. I am ready to wait for 3hrs. I just don’t want it to hang.

One more thing, after hanging, I cant do anything but directly switch off the power. I cant even make it crash!

Even if I try to open a 1.45 kb material from kite demo, it causes a memory leak but does not crash the editor which makes it even worse.

Just in case, I am not reporting an editor freezing problem. I am reporting a memory leak with opening assets and materials of the open world demo(only some). When the editor freezes the ram usage is 100% and I have to directly switch off the power. I have increased the virtual memory but am still facing the problem. The memory leak is about 400mb/s

I cant even open the textures by double-clicking. This also causes a memory leak. Looks like this happens with any assets or materials that involves a 8196 X 8196 texture, even if try to open a single 8k texture. I have loads of time to wait after the editor freezes. Looks like my UE4.11.0 does not support 8k textures. Should I update?

I have learnt that foe 8k textures about 5 gb of ram is needed. Ihave only 3gb ram. Is it possible that I can do something to have 8k textures in my game? I am not upgrading my ram until next year. Any way I can do this?