Memory Leak on Work Computer From 4.6 to 4.7.

I have been having a memory leak while using the Editor since 4.6. I don’t know what is causing it but never-mind the project I open after a certain time the 12GB of RAM my machine are being consumed and the computer slows down.

When I close the editor to be able to recover the machine the process of Unreal Editor stays open still consuming the 12GB.

I don’t get the problem in my other computers.

I have noted that the problem does not manifest itself when using only the main window of the editor. It is also important to note that I don’t use the engine as much at home, this means the problem might be there and I haven’t noticed.

You can find here the DxDiag from my home computer and here the DxDiag from the work computer that causes the problem. I will upload a memreport as soon as the problem manifests again.

I started working with blueprints again, making a simple timeline to animate a door and the leak happened again. You can find the memreport here.
I have also noticed that until I also close the launcher the memory is not freed, I mean I need to close both the editor and the launcher for the memory to free itself (or kill the process tree in the task manager).

Hey Strauzen,

Can you send me your dxdiag info for all of your computers(identifying which one is causing problems)? We are tracking memory leaks, but it is only specific to certain users. This makes me think that it is hardware related. I’d also like to get a MemReport from you.

If your memory gets out of control again, let it grow as high as you feel comfortable with. Then bring up the console with ~ and enter memreport -full. Rename the extentions on the .memreport file to .txt in the [ProjectName]/saved/Profiling/MemReports and then attach it here.


I have edited the post with the DxDiag information, I will add the memreport as soon as I get the leak again.

Hey Strauzen,

I’ve added your info to the bug we have in our system for this (UE-12941). Let
me know when you have a memreport.


Hey Strauzen,

Marking this as answered for tracking purposes until you get a memreport. Just respond to this answer to re-open it.


Added the memreport, if you need anything else just notify me ;D

Thanks, I’ve added it to our bug on this mem leak (UE-12941)