Memory Leak on initial PIE session


UE 4.10 release contains a huge bunch of bugs…

And I found a new one.

When I create and add a new Character Blueprint in newly created UE 4.10 project and run it - memory leak occured.

Repro video: - YouTube

Hello ,

A memory leak issue has been reported and we have placed a bug in for the issue under the number UE-21203

However, from your video, it doesn’t seem like a memory leak is actually occurring. From what is shown, the editor is setting up the initial PIE session which does cause the memory usage to rise. The time that the memory is rising it is still in the middle of doing that as the session had not started, so the memory usage rising is expected.

The bug that has been reported has had steps relating to opening/closing blueprints and having many function tabs open in the blueprint editor.

Yep, yes it uses more memory on init. But not >=3 GB of RAM. For example, in UE 4.9.2 my project rising to 1.5 GB on init… RAM usage >3 GB is not correct and it can be memory leak - no one of prev releases used a lot of memory…

I understand, I’ll add your steps to the bug report. Thank you for reporting this issue.