Memory leak inside 4.10,4.11 .44MB/S

Sadly me and a friend got a .44MB/s memory leak whenever we mess around with moving object and such inside out level. changing a level doesn’t change this at all. So i took a memreport -full at the start and then trying to reproduce it. and after 30 minutes its eaten 800MB. Sadly i do not know how to reproduce it to 100%. all you have to do is mess around with objects(cone,cube,spehere) and scale them and move them around and some directional lights. and your gonna have the memory leak

memreport before: Dropbox - Error

memreport after 30 minutes: Dropbox - Error

Doesn’t look like there is any different in the mem report in my eyes atleast.

So to atleast help with this. anyone know of a console command to clear the memory and rebuild it from the current level?

video of the memory leak: showing off memory leak unreal engine 4.10 - YouTube

Hey Schnoobi,

What project are you using? I am unable to reproduce this type of increase locally. 800MB over 30 minutes of active editor usage is not a lot when you consider loading in assets.


Doesn’t matter which project. can replicate it with pretty much any project if i just mess with the level a bit. will upload a video today. It is not loading anything extra. its just. put in a cone or such. save then wait until it eats memory while doing nothing.

video: showing off memory leak unreal engine 4.10 - YouTube the first 10 ish minutes is me trying to replicate the memory leak. but like i said need to just mess around to make it happen

This bug has allready been reported.

bug number UE-21203

this aint got nothing todo with blueprints

Its the same memory leak, they are working on it.

To determine if UE-21203 is truly what you’re experiencing, could you reset your UI to default? UE-21203 ended up being an issue with how the editor handles clipping text, so any of the additional panels you’ve added in there could be clipping text in just the right way to cause this.

So it’s not that memory leak. restarted ue4 twice too(still 4.10.2)
(Started at 760 mb)

I believe I’m seeing the leak you’re getting and at about the same rate you’re seeing. I’ve let it go for about 5 mins so far and it’s up about 150mb.

I decided to do just a blank map with absolutely nothing in it. I’m going to do a soak test on this and get back to you.

Hi all,

I was able to reproduce this and it appears to occur only on levels that aren’t enclosed or otherwise occluding the empty space. So, levels with sky boxes or atmospheric fog that occlude that dark empty space will encounter this leak.

I’ve entered this as UE-27195