Memory leak in python import_asset_tasks

I wrote a script in python for automatic mesh import into a project.
Code looks lide that:

        for i in range(len(self.files)):
            path_to_file = str(self.path_to_directory / self.files[i])
            st_mash_task = self.build_import_task(path_to_file, self.input["destination_folder"],
            unreal.AssetToolsHelpers.get_asset_tools().import_asset_tasks([st_mash_task, ])

I used it to import 100 meshes 30 MB each. However, the used method does not free memory after each import and I ended up with 30 Gigabytes of memory during import. My drive has only 20 Gigabytes of free space and I ended up with Free Space excepton.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?