Memory flush

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with my 3D game. I have multiple levels in it and you can pass through them one by one. Every single level contains a lot of primitive objects that create a maze. You are controlling a 3D character and trying to get from the start to the finish… When you finish the 1st level, you can directly go to the 2nd one, than to the 3rd one and so on. The problem is, that after you went through about 7 levels in a row, the game seems to be “overloaded” and crashes. That’s in my case (on Samsung S5), but some of my friends can’t even load the startup menu… I thought, that it is caused, by loading so many levels (and keeping the ‘closed’ levels in memory). Is it possible to flush memory after finishing single level? Or is it that 3D character, that overloads it? That character is made of 2184 triangles (skeleton has 18 bones)… Sometimes there are also enemies in the level (5088 triangles, 38 bones). The average ammount of enemies per level is about 3 or 4. Any suggestions what to check and “optimize” for mobile development? It’s my first game on android and I don’t know, what to ‘rein’ :smiley: