Memory Error

Hello everyone,

First i want to say that this error is not due to my configuration, because it happen from yesterday only, and i work on UE4 since 2 years now, with same configuration.

It’s happen when :
I open a new map witch i to compile shaders, then when the shaders finish to compile at 0 remaining, UE4 instantly crash with this error :

The fact is that i’ve tried with little maps, huge map, near empty maps, and all the maps i tried with, was old maps i’ve already used to open on other projects. (like exemple maps, i opens to compile all shaders of an asset).
However i’m still able to open the assets and use it on other map…

i5 3570k
gtx 1060 6gb
16go ram ddr3

I know that my specs are old, however like i said in the begining, nothing changes from a long time ago and i’ve never have this problem before.

Thanks a lot guys for help !

That’s probably lightmaps blowing up your gpu…

Thanks [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] for your answer, however like you might see there is no reason for that, due to the fact that i’m used to work with my 1060.

By the way i’ve fixed the problem by deleting the localdatacache forlder, so i have to recompile all shaders, but the problem is now “solved”. I don’t know what was the problem, maybe corrupted file ? However no problem anymore, i have since recompile the shaders who wasn’t working then.