Memories of You

Hello all! I’ve been working on my game for a while now, decided it’s time to start posting!

“Memories of You” is a story driven narrative, which follows the story of Aaron Galloway. Aaron is a writer, who has written several Bestseller books, but his career has since come to a standstill. He is suffering through a terrible writers block. What events could have led him to such a slump? Traverse through Aarons memories, uncover the events that led him here, and maybe, help him recover his former glory…

The game focuses on exploring different parts of Aarons history, travelling from one memory to the next. In each memory you will be taken to a different place; a different time in Aarons history.

Solve puzzles/uncover clues to advance further in each level, while at the same time grow to understand Aaron and his past better.

I will try to update regularly! Attached a few screens of different levels. Also a crowfunding campaing should be coming soon!

Please let me know what you think!

Couldn’t get attached photos to show on original post, so re-upload!

Wow this is gorgeous!

It reminds me very much of Myst, particularly in the first screenshot.

I’m very excited about this :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch! Now that you mention it, it does give off a Myst-esque vibe.
Though I doubt this game will become as much of a success :rolleyes: