Melee proving grounds, a multi-player learning project

Hello everyone, My name is Christian Tucker (Who would have guessed) and I’m a freelance developer. I mainly work on hybrid mobile applications using JavaScript and HTML5 however spend most of my free time working on games. I’m a personal fan of online gaming and have zero interest in single-player applications. What’s the point in playing alone? I have tons of experience working in Java where I have written most of my server software for all of my games, and then some experience with C# due to my years working with the Unity Engine.

I have a friend that has picked up the Unreal Engine and is aspiring to become a game developer, and I decided to go ahead and pick up the engine and eventually over time see what we could create.

“Melee proving grounds” (Name subject to change) is just a personal learning project that will be using prototypical assets and similuate a real-time action based combat melee experience. I’m going to be introducing a few different classes into the game with a basic skill-set that will allow for style-based gameplay. Class names are strongly influenced by Tera as I’ve too lazy to name them myself. Just placeholder names to give you guys an idea of what to expect. Each class will have four abilities which can be bound to any key. The classes are not meant to be “balanced” at the moment and very little thought was put into the actual aspect of the game. This is just a learning project and my first project with Unreal to get used to it while transitioning from Unity.

Game modes:

  • Team death match
  • Free for all
  • Capture the flag

Character classes:

  • Slayer - Wield a greatsword as a weapon, light defence.

  • Sword slam - Slam the sword down on enemies onfront of you, causes a short stun

  • Shockwave - Swing your sword at amazing speeds creating shockwaves damaging enemies within a set range.

  • Leaping Swing - Jump a short distance swinging the axe infront of you.

  • Berserker - Wield a greataxe as a weapon, medium defence.

  • Whirldwind - Spin the greataxe around in circles, requires charge-up

  • Axe Slam - Slam the axe down on enemies infront of you, causes a short stun.

  • Leaping Swing - Jump a short distance swinging the axe infront of you.

  • Warrior - Dual wield two swords, Lowest defence in the game.

  • Backstab - Teleport behind the enemy and deal a critical strike.

  • Poisoned Blades - Apply a poison to your blade, which causes an enemy to bleed out.

  • Leaping Swing - Jump a short distance swinging your swords infront of you.

  • Knight - Wield a sword and shield, highest defence in the game.

  • Shield Bash - Stuns targets infront of you for a short period.

  • Knights duty - Heal a portion of your health over time, increases defence for a short period.

  • Leaping Swing - Jump a short distance swining your sword infront of you.

Once again the game is not meant to have any balance at the moment, if I decide to take this any further I will post about it on the thread (or make a new one, as the game will probably be completely redone). This project will start tomorrow (8/31/2015) and I will post updates daily on the thread. I am not an artist, so the animations may look choppy, and the items will be basic primitive weapons made in blender. If an artist wants to join me for this project, you’re awesome.

Sounds cool. Well, good luck!