Melee Mountain - a strategic sword fighting game for your phone.

Hey Everyone,
Here are a couple concepts and screens of the project I am working on. Melee Mountain. It is a simple, competitive, strategic sword fighting game for mobile. So far working with unreal engine 4 has been awesome. I am an independent developer based out of SF. I post most of my in progress work on instagram and twitter @cliffbmitchell but I’ll be sure to update things here as I move along.


Loving the art style! Just a note: the video is set to private.

Cool stylized game… how far along are you to being finished?

The art looks cool and the dev video on your site is nice, but the video on here is private :frowning: Really wanted to see some gameplay

@Alan Thanks, I changed the video from private to public.
@Steve I have a lot to do. My schedule is another 6 months to be complete. I am currently working full time on the game, if that changes it will take me longer.
@Alexander Thanks man, I will make sure to post a video of the fighting next.

Hi This looks like a cool art style game

Hey Clothar. We spoke about your project at the meetup in SF when it was still a twinkle in your eye. It’s looking awesome, can’t wait to see the sword fighting in action.

i think, it Will be a great game, very nice work

Loving the concept art, it looks really neat!