Melee Damage / Tool Use - Any help or tutorials about?

Hi guys! Enjoying learning how to blueprint things.
I have a character blue print working now which can do the following.

Run (As usual)
Sprint (Can only sprint when not crouching)
Crouching (When crouching sprinting is turned off)
Jumping (Into the air, herp a derp)
Mouse look
General movement (Moving without the yaw and pitch effecting the speed)

I have a basic Esc key set up to quit the game for now because why not!!!

But I am struggling to get my Left and Right mouse buttons to do something. I can’t work it out in my head. I also have not found any helpful tutorials or documentation. I have also check through many blueprints of the samples you can download in the marketplace and I have yet to find something that covers melee damage.

What I am looking for is when I [Left Click] the character hits the object in front of it.
Just as a heads up that at the moment the character is just represented by a simple cube and has no animations. But I will cross that hurdle when I get to it. But right now, I have no idea how to get my left mouse button to punch things causing damage to something.

My idea is to get a simple melee system working where the player can punch with fists to do little damage, use a pick to do more damage but is effective against rocks, an axe which is effective against trees and a sword which is more effective against mobs. So each tool does a certain amount of damage to enemies but they are also better suited to their specific tasks etc.

I am still learning as I go and enjoying it and if anyone has anything that could help me in learning to go about implementing melee I would greatly appreciate it!

Kind regards!

Deadlyapples! :smiley:

I’m struggling with this too, but I’m stuck on getting the enemy to play a special hit reaction. I got some collision detection working with help from this tutorial.


maybe this tutorial from the unreal wiki will help you a bit.