Melee Combat System Documentation?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently developing a game project with a friend of mine for a 3rd person hack n’ slash game. It seems like there are very few examples of melee combat. I’m looking to make a combat system just like Kingdoms of Amalur. This video shows the combat system - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PC Gameplay *HD* Max Settings - YouTube

The only things I have found are -

This thread - How do I add a simple melee attack animation to my 3rd person player? - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

A thread about fortnite - Is it possible to get some information about the Melee Combat System in Fortnite? - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Fist fighting from animation montages - - YouTube

I’m not wanting fist fighting, but I’m looking for sword fighting with maybe a small combo system that takes energy.

Are there any professional tutorials somewhere that go in-depth about a melee combat system? Anything from UE3 that would work with UE4?

President’s dev blog goes pretty deep into building his melee combat game.

Specifically, the Alice in Tokyo Wonderland Dev Diary - Combo 1 through 4 video goes into using Montages to fire different attacks within your melee combo.