Melee Combat Combo system in C++ (Couch Knights style?)

Hi there,

Ive been trying to design melee combat for my game and have hit a huge bottleneck when it comes to actual melee animations (one handed weapons such as swords). With the advent of 4.5 and animation retargeting, i thought using the swings from couch knights would be ideal!

I took a look at the project and found that the melee was actually very satisfying and want to replicate it. My game is mainly built on cpp with very little blueprint on top. I can think of a few methods of making a melee combo system - but i would love to know how to replicate Couch Knights. My problem comes in extracting meaning from their blueprints (i dont really understand blueprint flow as i am not experienced with them as i am cpp) my original thought being that perhaps the moving forward occurred as root motion on the animation, but it does not seem to be the case.

I suppose my main questions are:

  1. Best method of moving a character forward per swing of the weapon? (Couch knights feels very good in this regard) is there more to it than adding velocity to the character capsule?

  2. Best method of comboing animations? (One swing leads into another etc, again, like couch knights). I understand aanim montages may be the way to go, but any resources (better yet, in cpp!) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot, any and all help would be very appreciated

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