Melee Combat Articial Intelligence

So I’ve been playing with Melee Combat for a while, watching every Melee Combat AI video that I can find and at the moment I have what I would describe as a fairly simple Hack and Slash in that the AI see the player, chase the player and then attempt to attack the player until they die.

I’m trying to make something a little more realistic and I was wondering if there were any tutorials out there that I’ve not been able to find so far or advice on how to create a more in depth AI, strafing about, retreating when hit too much, waiting between hits, focusing on the player etc instead of all rushing the player, standing practically on top of each other stabbing profusely.

Many thanks

I’m still new, but it sounds like you have one of the more complicated parts down, running to the player and attacking. It sounds like the rest you need to organize into behavior trees of one event at a time. Like for retreating you could check health of the pawn, and if below a certain amount have a random chance for it to run. I’m sure there are more graceful ways to do it of course. For focusing the player you would need to check what the other AI are doing, so good luck with that.