Melee combat / Action game, TPS template. Blueprints. Unreal Engine 4

Hi everyone.

I hope you like my new template (blueprints/c++) and Epic approves it.

In the meantime you can buy it on:

You’ll get zip file (compatible with UE 4.8). This is a good start for your action, third person shooter or slasher game.

Sellfy/Gumroad Price: 21$

This is what you get:

  • Free updates
  • Car blueprint
  • Health/Damage System
  • Simply HUD - Weapons with Ammo Counter
  • Switch Weapons - 3 Modes:
    • 1 - Rifle
    • 2 - Sword
    • 3 - Without weapons
  • Reload Weapons
  • Enemies with ragdoll physics
  • Simply Destructible Mesh
  • Sword combo
  • Sword light and heavy attacks
  • Sword animations
  • Roll system
  • bullets with particle effects

**Skype **- lexdvis7
e-mail -

just submited template to marketplace.

I liked it. Good animations!


Thanks) i wanna make some animations pack for UE4.

Good work Alex :smiley:
Major improvements from your first template to this one! Full comments on Blueprints, Melee Damage on traces per weapon. Easy to follow.
It seems to be exactly what I have been looking for and I can’t wait to integrate it with my current Game system/setup!

Combination of:
Alex Davis - Melee combat / Action game, TPS template
LHutz - CW Third Person Blueprint Inventory & Equipment System
Remco Willemsen - Character Creation Menu


can you change the UE4.9 HeroTPP mannequin to new with animation Cover wall from tall wall and small wall. add one A-POSE and use IK from hand and Foot.

Hi bitande

I’m glad to see that it was submitted, thanks!
I hope to see this in the marketplace, perhaps in my game.
Any chance to use it together with another AI package sold in the marketplace?



Looks nice, congrats! : )

Has/will this be updated to work with 4.10?

Some update. Now template compatible with UE 4.9.2 and UE 4.10

Why did it NOT make it to the marketplace after so many months of development?

While it becomes a discovery issue (I only found it by accident) it is at the discretion of the author as to where they want to sell.

Not sure if these are typical, but SE_JonF and Osok don’t seem to be to happy about their time with the marketplace?
The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread