Melee Animations being stopped/blocked by character (AI Attack Problems)

So I’m working on AI, and I’ve got the Mixamo alpha red dude chasing me down. When he’s “Close Enough” he’s supposed to start wailing on the main character, but he gets blocked. If I run out of the way you can see that he executes the animation.

Here’s a video:

Here’s the attack blueprint, I’m not sure if this is the best method. But I put spheres on the bot’s hands and I planned on making them do damage to whatever they hit.

your event fires too fast that it just keep trying to play attack animation on first frame, you need to give it a cool down or something in BT.
(apparent when you try to leave it and animation played a little bit.)

If I add a delay after calling Melee Attack it doesn’t really change anything. I can’t put it in the Melee Function beacuse it contains a latent call which cannot exist outside of the event graph.

Also, if I set animation to looping it will loop while he chases me closely, but when he’s up against me he won’t punch me.

Is this even the best way to handle an AI melee attacking?

If you are not using Behavior Tree, then what I said won’t help much.
But if I was to setup something like this, I’ll set it up in a animation blueprint with proper state machines.
And I won’t need to handle all those drastic animation changes and things like you encountered.

You know I don’t have a full understanding of the state machines, I think I’ll spend some time learning that. It seems to make a bit more sense than what I’m doing here.