Melee animation loops indefinitely despite boolean that triggers it at tick being turned off


I’m starting my first project in UE4 and I’m going crazy - I have to be missing something very simple here. I’ve assigned my melee attack to the left mouse button and coded the animation into a custom event as shown below. Every event tick the system checks if the boolean “Attacking Melee” is true - if it is the custom event executes. When the player clicks the left mouse that boolean should become true for half a second then become false again. However, when I run the game, as soon as I hit the attack button once, the animation loops indefinitely until I interrupt it by jumping. What could be missing from this? Every solution I’ve come across seems to be exactly what I have here.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Note: The booleans are turning off successfully, I have other custom events that can only trigger if the Attacking Melee boolean is off and I am able to trigger them while the melee loop is still happening