Melbourne Apartment

So a year ago i created my first proper showreel piece. I was really happy with it at the time but decided recently to go back to it and try and improve it with everything i have learned over the past year. I think its improved a lot and i’m really happy to be able to show you guys it
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Dry, flat computergraphics… You should put more effort into your materials + PP… Also lighting details are missing: your lightmap resolutions are not high enough at some parts…
Also I wouldn’t use SSR!! Very visible as it changes and takes away the illusion…

Yeah the lighting is very flat. You have about a 100 downlights evenly spread out to light up everything the same way. I think it would be nicer if you put most interior lights out and only have lights where they would be needed in real life or where you want to set an accent (e.g. for the kitchen). It’s bright daylight so no one would turn on all lights in the apartment. It would be a pretty bad apartment if you have to turn on all lights during the day.

Also try to put some rectangular lights into the windows with low values. I always think lights should have contrasting colours. For example slightly blueish from the window and more warm yellow from the interior spot lights. When you watch a movie they always have different light colours in the scene.

You can use post processing to increase the camera exposure and place a LUT in your post process volume which will apply some basic colour grading.

Thanks for getting back to me guys. I definitely agree with what you say, i’ve still a lot more to learn that is for sure!

I’ve been through and tweaked my lighting setup to make it look better in the mean time :slight_smile:

…look these were OUR opinions!! If you like the way it looks and you’re happy with it: just ignore us! :wink:
…what I meant by the PP…

Who designed the RCP as there’s too many downlights. Generally, there isn’t any close to walls unless they are the moveable type that allow you to direct lighting onto a wall hanging/painting etc. You could also try changing the rim finish to a plastic white so they are less visually dominant in the scene.Also, if it’s in Melbourne it’s probably a good idea to replace the SFO backdrop too! You can also had some subtle colour changes to the lounge and furnishings, perhaps change the cushions or carpet? Just some ideas that could add more interest.