Melbourne Apartment

Hey all,

So i’ve been working on this apartment for a little while now. I’ve done some other stuff before in Unreal, but nothing focused purely on a living space like this.

I’d love some feedback/comments on it :slight_smile:

Looks great dude! I’d love to do something like this, where do you get all the assets (models and textures) from?

Most of the textures are taken from various places online. Be it google searches, pintrest, cgtextures etc. Its just important to find ones that are seamless and high quality

The models, some i did myself in previous jobs, some i modelled specifically for this. However i’d say a good 40% are taken from the free section of 3dsky that lets you download 3 free every day. Sure they aren’t optimised for going into Unreal, but it dosent matter too much given its such a small size project/its a video project not a first person project.