Megascans UE5 blend material code bug?

Folks - just been looking into some odd behaviours and think I might have found a bug in the megascans material code. If you look in the file MF_TopLayerTextures the node for ARD has the red channel (AO) connected to roughness instead of the Green channel. Now I have been changing a few things around so this might be something I’ve introduced. To save me doing a reinstall can someone check on their installation and see if there is the same issue?

The path is C:\Program Files\Epic Plugins\Bridge\Content\MSPresets\M_MS_SurfaceBlend_Material\LayerFunctions\Top

The plot thickens in that I think they might actually be storing the displacement in the red chanel. {if you download using bridge desktop displacement is a red chanel texture}. However that then means that the middle and top functions are wrong.