Megascans Test

Here’s a quick scene I put together, just to test out the one of the free assets Megascans provides and decide if I want to purchase Megascans or not. The Megascans materials look amazing in the engine, but you need an insane amount of tris (up to 200k per square meter!) before it really starts to look photorealistic. This scene is almost empty but it only runs at 30 FPS on a GTX 980.

really nice !!
try distance based tesselation as it tesselate only near the camera that should optimize the scene i dont have the setup right now but try searching it

Actually I’m not using tessellation, the ground here is completely flat so I’m using actual geometry. There are LODs so it’s not as heavy in the distance, and if I disable shadows on the ground meshes the FPS goes up to almost 100 without much difference in visual quality.