Megascans not working for UE 4.25

I’ve kinda tried everything now. Since UE 4.25 came out Megascans corrupts my Files. I have to always delete the Plugin for the project to work. Its kinda driving me crazy. When I install megascans it sais the following modules are missing or built with a different engine version. MegascansPlugin. Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IDE.
Any help would be massively appreciated. Ive tried deleting megascans completely, reinstalling Unreal, reinstalling Megascans bridge. Everything I can possibly think of but nadda.

Thanks for the listen.

Hi @Splatterbaby, please contact us via For any future Megascans integration issues related to our plugins, I’d also recommend sending in an e-mail to that address so my support team can be with you as soon as practicable.