Megascans not compatible with UE4 4.25 ??

is everyone having the same issue?
if yes then why the long delay?
its just art assets, i mean what changed between 4.24 and 4.25?
other foliage assets still work so whats going on?

Could you clarify what isn’t working for you?

All the megascans assets inside the vault are not compatible with 4.25

Which Megascans assets?

all except meadow pack

so can you confirm if they are supposed to be compatible with 4.25?

They should work with UE 4.25 if you download the project and set it to point at 4.25 manually. I’ll get our content team on getting this done for you in the meantime.

Its looks like your content team has finally updated megascans work with UE 4.25

Glad to hear it!