Megascans Library Incomplete for UE4

If quixel made all their megascans free and available on the ue4 marketplace then why are there huge numbers of missing assets not available for free? Like the ocean/coral assets and full collections like house in the woods pack are completely absent for example. Are they still being curated? Are they not released both in bridge and the ue4 marketplace together? Some useful information would be appreciated and encouraged. I can’t find anything out about this which is frustrating. Someone please break the silence on this haha.


Hi Subspark,

We haven’t made the entire Megascans library available on the UE4 Marketplace. Please refer to our blog post on the subject last year:

You’re welcome to work with the Megascans library in its entirety through Bridge and Mixer if you’ve accepted the Unreal Engine EULA and created an Unreal Unlimited account on

I remember a couple of weeks back when Bridge 2020 launched trying to find out how to download the assets with Bridge for UE4 but the only information that I came up with was to get them through UE4 Marketplace. I think I found that confusing the first time around. Thanks for clarifying Jonathan!