Megascans in Unreal Engine

Hi. As we know Megascan offers free option of using Megascans in Unreal Engine. I have problem. I use Unreal Engine for architecture project. I create still images and animations so i can use Unreal Engine for free. What about Megascans? Can I use it in my commercial projects?

So this megascans is only for non commercial projects? Am i right? So i can create image to my portfolio but i can’t create image for my client.

I may have spoken too soon. We are looking into this and will get back to you.

I don’t understand something. I can use Unreal Engine for commercial purposes for free if I don’t create games but for example I create architectural visualizations. This is in EULA for Unreal Engine. So why can’t I use Megascans to create architectural visualizations since Megascans for Unreal Engine are free?

Sorry, let me get back to you on this. I will delete my answer for the time being.

Anyone can answer this question? I need to know because I would like to use Megascans in my commercial architecture visualizations.

Sorry for the delay. We are discussing internally. I’ll follow up as soon as we have an answer!

Okay. I will be waiting. A lot of people from architecture industrie wants to know answer for this question. Many of them have tried to interpret the licenses of Unreal Engine and Quixel and claim that Megascans can be used commercially in the UE to create architectural designs.