Megascans Educational Program Question/s

Hello Unreal Community, I’ve been self teaching UE4 almost every day now for the past seven years, knowing nothing to where ever it is I am now. Unreal has great documentation and a plethora of educational programs; however due to financial difficulties and lack of institutions near me, I was never able to enroll in a school that taught it. I’ve been watching Unreal’s development over the years and am amazed by how much its progressed since some where around UE4.5. With Epic’s acquisition of Quixel I found myself tearing apart everything they had to offer; from videos on youtube to the wonderful scenes they create. As I dove deeper I quickly found out about the “Megascans Educational Program”, and as I started reading about it, I became a little disheartened to find out:

" See Link: What is the Megascans Educational Program? – Quixel "

This is the first time here on the forms and wished to shed some light on a few questions…

  1. Is Quixel’s Educational program still in the works for self learning students?; or will it only be for enrolled students only?
  2. If its for only enrolled students, is there any Online Epic classes which I may take that teaches in a guided fashion the processes of creating / breakdowns of Quixels’ scenes along with scholar feedback ?
  3. And if not any of the above, is there anyone in the Community that gives guided lessons such as 1 on 1 sessions that is willing to teach the skill trade?

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, and Epic for the great tools and opportunities they have provided their community with!

Hi @Akea! I’ll go point by point:

  1. We have no known plans to offer a licensing model for students. All EP offerings are institution-only and must be licensed to the institution.
  2. None that I’m aware of. The closest thing we offer is our YouTube video collection which shows breakdowns of how our demo projects are created:
  3. You can find mentorship opportunities on ArtStation if I’m not mistaken!

Thanks for your time and response Mr. Holmes!
I greatly appreciate everything Quixel has done for myself and the community, I’m sure others out there had similar questions such as mine, so I figured I would reach out.
I do look forward to the day; if you do decide to offer a licensing model for students; as I’m sure many would benefit from it!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and keep up the great work!