Megascans, and how they could be Faster in 'This Gen' Content

I love that Quixel released their Megascans for free on Epic Marketplace; though i wish there were ‘lite’ downloads with Maximum 4K (for the 8+K) and 2K (for the 4K) downsized textures, for people with slower machines, working with games already produced, on Unreal Engine.

Also, while 8K is basically the norm for next-gen prooduction, 4K and lower are sometimes needed when using the megascans along with hi-res textures of your own.

Would Quixel mention their thoughts on releasing down-sized 'Lite" downloads because SSDs are expensive and don’t last as long as HDDs, i cannot store all of my Cache or an arhive of frequently used Megascans from my Library, it’s just too much, and 4K is the highest i need to go, when i am trying to modify an engine build not geared towards Next-Gen.

You have control of the sizes of downloads and the size of exports. See the settings for each.

This can be easily handled via LODs and MipMaps. You can target them based on different devices. Just google for those & you will more tutorials.

Also, most of the MegaScan assets don’t have very high polycounts. They will just fine even if you use an HDD.

Try to use the Quixel MegaScan plugin for Unreal when importing assets. It will take care of most of these work for you.

Look at LODs and mipmaps, they are exactly what your asking about and then some.

I’m not concerned with the final result’s Resolution, i have limited space and no funding, MEgascans were fairly unexpected as Released in such a large amount, Free on Marketplace… My poroblem is i cannot simply migrate the .uassts one by one it would take ages for ~50 packs to be migrated, adding more data size to my limted sotorage.

My issue is storage and workflow. I did Some Megascans Downloads because they are worth it, however i cannot build what Unreal Slackers would call “Amazing” because of tjhe download size and storage it takes and the oneby one resizing of any texture you need because of low end and Mobile accessibility is ignored with 8K + Matierls, LOD isn’t the issue, android nor iOS can handle Megascans, currently.

Their size while the library asset includes over 1GB of zipped source, why not have more restrictions, similar to the old Epic forums’ Tag system where long time members with thousands of answers, etc,. ranging to long-time unreal users with a good standing and maybe not a wizard but definitely active in a healthy way, Only those members get access to the Source zips? LOD is not my issue, i know well and good what they are, it’s the download size and management of the assets that need to be loaded one by one into photoshop and resized, because the Project is more user-friendly for low-end accessibility.