Megascan materials/textures ok to use in a Marketplace product?

I’m seeing conflicting info on this, so I’ll ask here: Is it permissible to use Megascan textures and/or materials (possibly modified) on 3D models being sold on Marketplace?

If you have a quixel license, you should be able to use Megascans textures in your product IF you are modifying it(With something like quixel mixer) and your product is adding value besides the megascans textures. E.G. using modified megascans textures on a model you made is fine, but just selling modified megascans tileable materials is not. This can be kind of a legal grey area and can be confusing, but as long as your adding value besides the textures and have a Quixel License, you should be good. However I would not recommend using Megascans 3D assets in your product.

If you want to play it safe, the content that Quixel Mixer ships with is free to use and can be used freely in any Marketplace Product. Mixer ships with a large variety of textures so if you don’t want to worry about any legal stuff of pay for a Quixel License, I’d recommend just using the content that Mixer ships with and not mixing it with Megascans.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more questions on this topic and I’d be happy to answer. I know how annoying it can be trying to tread through the legal stuff, but its worth it in the end to have content on the marketplace. Happy Developing. (: