Megascan materials out of scale


Newbie here. Im having trouble with the scale of megascan materials im importing into my project all being too small.

To see if it was just my project, I opened up a first person example map and applied a megascan material to multiple surfaces and all came in at different scales, from ridiculously large to incredibly tiny… doesnt matter what material, they are doing the same.

Can anyone help?


The quixel texture has a size like 1 or 2 metres. So one tile has that size. The asset needs to have the same uv mapping size. For example a wall would need to have a box mapping of 100 for a texture with the size of 1 m. 1 unreal unit is 1 cm. Assuming your asset is not scaled.
The assets in the demo level have all kinds of scale and mappings. That’s why it happens when you apply your materials.

The scale of the building appears to be correct. For example I can import quixel furniture assets and vehicles etc and they match the scale of the building and landscape. Just materials are out. Is there a way to view or change the box mapping of a wall or floor etc?

Maybe have a look at this video. It’s an introduction to UV mapping which is essential for any 3d modelling software.

Thanks, see how i go