Mega Man-style weapon selection screen -- How do I make one?

Okay, let me see if I can describe my problem properly: I’m trying to make a Paper2D game and I want to make a weapon selection screen (A la Mega Man). I have created three weapons (Out of actors) at the moment, and, at present, each is assigned to a separate button, with the primary one firing when you press the left mouse button. I’ve used a UMG to create the select screen, which works fine in and of itself: I press a button to make it appear and disappear, I’ve created spaces for pictures of the weapons, and progress bars (For when I apply energy to the weapon). I’ve also tentatively created a struct to store the weapons in.

However, I don’t know how to add the weapons TO the struct, which means I can’t get them into my inventory screen to even test if the “selection” aspect of my selection screen even works!

I’m still very green on learning how to use UE4. Is this something stupid that I just don’t know how to do? Is there another way to create a working inventory selection screen? Or is this just something that just can’t happen? Any help would be appreciated, but, I must request that you explain in as much detail as possible, so that I don’t botch any instructions you may give me.


To answer your last question, yes this is very possible to do with UMG. I’ve created a simple inventory myself. Without going into too many details, I just had an event that fired when the player made their selection. Then I would equip the player with whatever item they selected. What exactly is the problem with adding the weapons to the struct?

I’ve been trying to follow along with the UMG tutorials (Particularly tutorials 6 and 7, specifically – & and then attempt to adjust it to suit my needs. At the part where you would normally reference the physical item you would pick up in the “Set reference in inventory structure” function (For lack of a better term), I have nothing to reference, which I imagine probably messes the whole thing up. I just don’t know what to do here. I find myself extremely confused, to be quite honest.

Where exactly are you stuck? I used the same tutorials and came up with a nice inventory that works well for my current needs. Here are my current huds, the level and EXP hud is used on a flip flop to toggle visibility, the hand with all stats work fine and control character stats and the inventory was the original 5 slot slide in inventory to the right. I changed some stuff while learning and am expanding on it.

I will help you out with what I can, just need to know your stopping point.

Oh, making one like the tutorial I did already, just for proof of concept, but, in trying to translate it into my 2D Sprite game, I seem to be running into trouble.

I can toggle the inventory window appearing just fine, but I can seem to get anything into it. I suppose that’s where I get stuck.

While double-checking things, a thought occurred to me: I don’t have an equivalent to the “TemplatePickup” blueprint, the logic being that I intended for weapons to be gained by beating bosses, and therefore wouldn’t be “picking them up”, as it were. Could that be the source of my problem?