Meet Jonathan, a Houdini rigged character to unreal enine workflow (download link is included)

This character is rigged in Houdini from scratch you can animate and export easily with body and facial animation from Houdini to Unreal Engine as FBX unreal-mannequin compatible skeletal-mesh It has some features to speed up animating like copy poses and key frames , from one side of body to other side, resetting, attaching. it has a facial control panel which can get a wide range of expressions and visemes. It has two versions of mesh inside the asset one optimized for game engines, and one for cinematic and offline rendering both has identical body and facial rig. If you wanted to do offline render in other applications, it has an alembic exported to make it easy for you. The model, texture and rig is done by me. Download the rig:

It’s a me!