Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits - WIP thread

Hi dear community!!

We are Noohkema Game Studios, a small independant game studio located in Cameroon

We are working on a game named **Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits, **an action role playing game entirely in 3D. the game is set in Ancient Africa, in an era when humans and masks lived in perfect harmony.
In Meenlah, the player takes the role of Nganu in a third person perspective, using a variety of combat moves and platforming skill to overcome obstacles, with the help of his partner, an mysterious and powerful mask.

Our team consists of seven developers covering main areas: concept art, 3d asset creation, character development, environment, blueprints, sound and more…

---- GAME INFO ----
Game title: Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits
Category: Action Role Playing Game
Mode: Single Player
Platform: PC (Steam) and Console
Language: English and French
Alpha Release: TBA
Full Release: TBA

We are currently working on the pre-alpha demo version of the game, we will keep you up to date with our progress in this tread.

You can follow our development on the following links:


See you soon with more updates!!!

Update #1: Early Environment concepts

Below are the early environment concepts that were done for the game. These concepts reflect our early inspirations for the game and are inspired by african architectures. The goal in this visual environment research was to portray a universe both rich and revealing traces of a war that forever divided humans and masks.

Update #2: Environment concepts

Few of additional environment concept our talented artist did during the previous months.

Map for alpha currently under development…


Hi there a little update about the project.

We have gone through a tough period in the last three months. the fire burned our studio, we lost a lot of things (equipment, data and more…), but the essential remained intact: Our passion for video game development.

Today, i’ll share about character development and the motivation behind our choices.

in Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits, the main hero starts the adventure as young boy who will gain experience during his venture.


[UPDATE #5] | First Ingame Gameplay preview.

[UPDATE #6] Combat Move Animation #001

First attempt of creating combats move animations. Nganu performing traditional combat moves (a combination between Capoeira, Ngolo Martial Art)… On rhythm of drums.

As someone who lived in Africa, I find this very interesting, especially since masks have a big significance in ancient & tribal african culture. Am gonna follow this, and I look forward for more to see. :slight_smile:

I just am wondering, are you basing the design of the buildings, tools, clothes etc. on actual historical data?

Thanks for the feedback @spacegojira . The story of the game takes you through various levels which were inspired by great Africa kingdoms of the medieval era. so we blend some real design from historical data with pure imagination from our fantasy. We visited some specials places in Gabon, Senegal, Mauritania and Cameroon where we grasped the inspiration for the game’s universe.


Hello there,
A little update about the development of Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits. Have a preview of walkthrough our environment, this still works in progress. We’ll release pre-alpha version very soon.




Hi Buddies!
After more than six months working under silence, we’ll come back on the comon weeks with updates about our game project Meenlah.

Fantastic job so far! The concept work is legit! Keep up the great work!

Wow great work sofar. I need to keep watching the work in progress forums as this one is certainly eyecatching. Keep up the good work.

This looks really great. Dig the art style and the feel.