Medival Fantasy Themed VR Game

Hi , I am an Unreal programmer with over 4 years of experiences and currently create contents for the marketplace. I am working on a story and have planned out a VR game concept.

This is a fantasy themed game set in fictinal era in a fictional city. Inspired from Dark souls, I want to bring some of the RPG elements for VR. I will be doing all the programming myself, and it would be of great help if you can collaborate with me on this project, mainly starting with concept art and environment design.

The enviorment will be a blend between realistic and fantasy failry tale, We will primarily show a village area, a furnished double storeyed interior of a family of three, a boy and his parents , a forest landscape where this villlage is present , with roads going up towards a valley where a medium sized kingdom will be present, with walkable interiors , fortress , courtyard , gardens training and archery practice areas, things that a castle typically contain. And lots of characters , some in the village and many in the castle. We will show horses and carts.

And there will also be a dream vision, seen as a recurring nightmare of the boy , our main protagonist, which will be an eerie horror atmosphere, and this dream vision is somehow linked to the actual storyline and will be linked with the ending of the game, and the beginning of the story I have planned.

I know this is a very ambitious project, but I just am having hard time thinking small scaled version, this is the simplest I could think of all the other concepts or storylines I had in mind.

If you want to work with me, kindly let me know

Hey there have you pulled together your ideas into a GDD? You can check out a template we put together if you don’t have one already. Best of luck on your game @sameek4!

If your in need of a 3d asset designer my email is

portfolio website: