Medievil game recruitment

Project Title:

A world full of knights, archers, witches, wizards, dragons, wolves and more. You are to survive rank up. Become the best, tame beast, explore under ground to find the rarest minerals. Build a fort or a mansion. Its all up to the player

A quick bit of information about the project, short feature list etc.
Avoid walls of text, long winded sales pitches and excessive amount of story.
You’re recruiting people, not writing fan fiction.
Grab their attention and then get to the point

People in the team

Rory/rorka10 3D modeller, beginner

Previous Work:
First game

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

  • Ability to export to FBX format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
    Expected to create additional props & weapons.

3D Character Artist (2)

  • Experience with Maya required.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.

Programer (2)
Knows how to use unreal engine blue prints really well

Land designer (2)
Has experience makes good building and land
E-mail: rma63917@gmail…