Medieval Village Environment

Thank you for your suggestion! I think we will drop the AAA description for the update. We usually get inquiries about whether it’s for mobile or desktop and putting the AAA helps customers know we cater more towards desktop. I believe now that we’re a little more known in the Unreal Marketplace we can drop the AAA.

You’re welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the pack so much. Please do let us know if you have feedback or suggestions about the pack, we’re here to listen and constantly learn what developers want

Thanks for catching this mistake! That is definitely something we’ll fix on our for the anvil, looks like an artist just deleted an edge by accident causing the LOD to break. We’ll have it fixed on our next update.

You guys should stick to the medieval theme with your next package release, this time a castle-based area.

Have you thought about splitting this up so that we could buy the parts we need? For example I don’t need the buildings and trees/grass at all, I would just need the medieval props. So while $70 is a fine price for this whole package, for me personally it’s too much to pay for just the props since I would never use the buildings and trees/grass. If you don’t want to have all the marketplace submission process again, just only sell the splitted up packages on your website :slight_smile:

I saw you have a “SURVIVAL PROP PACK” on your website, having a “Medieval Prop Pack” to buy would be awesome :slight_smile:

What do you think about it?

I’d love to see a medieval survival prop pack, for that matter.

That looks great! gj :wink:

+1 for the modular castle with interiors!

That`s a great suggestion! We thought about splitting things up more or even bundling more packs together that would make sense. For example, we have survival props and a Post Apocalyptic World.

One thing to keep in mind is we have a contract with Epic and we have to follow it in order to have non-exclusivity, I will have to give it another read to see if this is allowed.

you may be onto something… new upcoming trend on steam?

We actually have a castle pack slated to release later this year or early next year! Glad to see some interest on it.

Great to hear you like the idea :slight_smile: I am quite sure there is nothing which would not allow you to split of packages.

glad you like it! we’ve submitted everything and just waiting for approval and launch now

Late this year/early next year will be too late I think :frowning: Need it asap since I’m aiming for day 1 release of when the Rift is released. When pre-orders are out, I am hoping to have an early access release.

edit: I was hoping this pack was on Thurs release >.< Hopefully it will be up on the marketplace next(this) week!

Wasn’t put on the market place with this week’s releases, hopefully next week?

good value pack, lots of useful props in it. Only issue I see is that the wall / roof / frame materials don’t really pop very well, and maybe a tad low res, as well as some of the stone stuff like chimney / retaining wall etc (might be lacking some specular highlight on those stone bits).

Is there a release timeframe by chance?

We have submitted to Epic and it’s out of our control when it gets released. It can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on how much content they have to release. With all the 4.9 updates for packages and the release of their seller portal I believe it may be a bit longer before this gets on the marketplace. We have it on sale on our own store right now if you can’t wait any longer

I probably will buy from your marketplace instead, as I am really in the mood for starting level designing a proof of concept for this game. I’m just the type that likes to keep everything tidy and in one place (launcher). Here is to Epic adding a “Studio Vault” Section to the launcher >.<

@SaviorNT - I’m in the same boat - I’d like to pick this up now (was hoping it’d hit the Marketplace today) as I’m ready to start laying out my village, but I’d like to have it in my Launcher vault.

I think your idea of a User/Studio Vault is excellent! Maybe make a suggestion thread in the feedback forum?

I’ve done that 3-4 times already, and I’ve seen other multiple people suggest it as well.