Medieval Steve



So, I will be honest, here, the story is fairly lacking at the moment. This is a remake of an old game that I made for a competition. However, that version was first person and the story made sense for the genre. I am having trouble getting the story to work with this, as a side scroller…



The team is me. I am a 3D artist, Graphic designer, I can animate (just about), I am struggling with Blueprints, but, I am soldiering through. I have purchased a few assets, like a music pack and a particle pack, but, I am doing everything else on my own.


I only have a few decent images of the characters involved in the game. I will leave this space a little bare and update once I have more.

The Main character (Steve)


The BIG baddie (Golem)



I am happy with the current progress of the game, but, I am more than happy to everyone’s thoughts, comments, feedback or even criticsims.

Thanks for taking the time to read through.



Your art is very good, love the look.

I think you should play with the Camera angles a little, was a bit off putting having it so flat, i think if it was tilted down slightly you would get more perspective out of the scene.

Great work keep it up!

Hi DevilsD,

Sorry, I have only just seen this message! You would think I would check it more often, as I started it! haha.

Thanks for the comment. I did try to play with the camera angles, but, I have settled on how it is now. The first level is set in a cave and when the camera is higher, angled down, it just looks weird. What I have currently, is a good median of all levels so far.

@Everyone else,

I know I said that I am soldiering through with Blueprints…well, that has changed. I am completely struggling now. To the point that it is halting progress. Originally, this game was NOT going to feature enemies or other AI. However, after giving it some thought, I really wanted to add a few cool mechanics to increase the pacing of the game a bit.

Now, I am completely stuck on enemy AI. I followed the official tutorial and have the AI following me, the enemy has it’s own animation blueprint and animates OK-ish, however, in order to kill the AI, the only way I figured how to do it was with overlap checks. Trouble is, the AI is dying even when the player isn’t attacking, just because the overlap check is being fired (when the AI is close to the player). So, there’s that and I need help with an animation state transition rule.

I am weighing up the pros and cons of trying to find someone to join me as a team and currently, the team option is looking better than struggling and not getting anywhere.

I have been really excited to get some new art assets in there and all of that excitement has gone now, due to the amount of time spent trying to get this working.

What is the going rate of getting someone to help with blueprints? Or would it be better to share the revenue of the game sales as a team? Any thoughts?



I have been working on a new type of enemy.

This one actually has legs! He is a skeleton, that will pop out of the ground once the player is within distance and attack.


Thoughts, comments and criticisms are always welcome.

I’m not too great with blueprints myself, but I may have a solution for your attack issue. Create a trigger box in front of the player for when he attacks, and a bool that gets activated when when the attack takes place (false by default, true when attacking). If the enemy intersects with this trigger and the bool is true, the enemy should be destroyed.

I really like the art style, but some things seem a bit too “glowy,” like the ending chest particles and text. It was also cool/weird to jump down to a part of the level you couldn’t see. I guess I could get used to that, but as a player I’d expect to die when doing that.

Thanks for the comment. I actually managed to get this working…eventually. It was something super simple that I had overlooked! As always.

Haha. I didn’t actually realise how much I have used an emmisive material! haha. I like glowy bits. I was actually thinking the other day about the fireworks at the end; they are too bright and I definitely need to reduce the amount of light they produce.

In all fairness, I shouldn’t have shown that section. In all the levels, I want to have some old school exploration/hidden sections, meaning the player has to have the leap of faith every now and again. I have left some very subtle little hints, to show that there is a hidden area.

Thanks for the comment.




Slight name change above. I decided to go with something a little more descriptive, as opposed to just a guys name!

Could a kind mod, please change the title of this thread to match the new name? Medieval Steve

I have been working hard on the game and have managed to get a small one level, playable demo together.

Please feel free to download and try it out. I encourage all speed runners to have a go. My current best is 1 minute 50 seconds, with all 3 stars and 73 out of the 86 gems with no deaths.

There are known bugs in the game so far, but, if you do spot anything, please do let me know, so I can fix.

Known bugs/ errors/ things I overlooked:

  1. There is no resolution settings in the main menu - this is still being worked on
  2. A strange Leap Motion error appears when you start the game, just close it and continue.
    The music has not yet been mastered, so, the volumes will be all over the place - in fact, most of the audio is a little all over the place. (not ear piercingly so, just not perfect)
  3. The archer doesn’t shoot arrows at you…yet. This is something else I am still working on.
  4. collision is wacky when transforming back into Steve.

Now, onto the features of the game -

  • You collect a ‘hand token’ (gold spinning coin with a hand on it). When you have collected this, an icon will appear on screen. If that icon is there, you can press ‘G’ and you will transform into Steve’s hand, at which time, you will be impervious to pain and whats more, you will also regenerate any health that Steve had lost before hand. ← pun, fully intended. You can use the hand to reach areas that Steve can’t, or just to give you a break from the enemies.
  • Pressing ‘E’ will perform a fist smash that will destroy an enemy in one blow
  • Pressing ‘E’ while in the air, will perform an Air to Ground fist smash, which again, will kill any enemy that you touch.
  • You can double jump by pressing jump (space) again while in the air (providing you are in the air because you have jumped already…)
  • Temporary slow motion is still in the game, but, I will be taking it out soon. I think it messes with the flow of the game and makes everything a little easy. It lasts for 5 seconds and has a cooldown of around 10 seconds. Use it if you want, but, I am taking it out.
  • Press ‘Q’ for slow motion.


The link is to my Google Drive and the download is 212MB.

That’s all for now. If you do give it a play, please do leave a comment or some feedback, I am looking to improve this game as much as possible, so, I am now reaching out to others to gather opinions on features, gameplay and design.

Thanks for reading.

@Unfafmilla -

This game is awesome haha! I found myself for the last 6-ish hours playing this!!! This game is so much fun!!!
Keep up the great work on this!!!

@The Community -
If you guys haven’t at least played this as a little test, you have GOT to try this. Its very easy to play. The style of it is great. I love the animated/cartoon feel. Controls are nice and smooth, animations feel great.

Looks great so far keep up the good work :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you are enjoying it! Is there anything that you spotted that needed work? Or anything that could look better? I am always looking to improve!

Thanks for the nice comment. Have you tried the game? Any feedback?



Nice work!

I have yet to try the game, but from the videos alone, this is great!

Definitely the kind of Rayman-esque game I’d love to play ^^

Thanks for the comment. I look forward to hearing what you think of the game, after you have tried it.

Hey friend, I’ve tried your demo and looks really cool, good style and atmosphere!
The challenge level is rewarding :cool:

Feedback for you

  1. I can pause the game with ESC but I can’t unpause with it.

  2. Enemies have some rotation issues especially after a respawn…they often remain blocked in the direction of Steve last position before his death. My advice is this: when Steve dies, face the enemies to the new Steve’s position.

  3. When Steve dies, he respawn at the last checkpoint but between the death and the respawn he can collect the gems. You need to disable movement/input (enable it when respawn the pawn) and/or collision between Steve and the gems as soon as he die.

Keep it up, BRAVO! :o

Thanks so much for the comment! I just realised, I purchased your plugin, not so long ago! (well, about 6-7 months ago). It’s what kickstarted this project. I had to adapt some of the blueprints, but, it was the core base of the initial game! So, thanks for the plugin!

Also, the feedback is gold! Thanks for taking the time to document your findings!

  1. Pausing the game - I knew about this issue, but, totally forgot about/ didn’t know how to fix. It’s on my todo list of things to learn and fix.

  2. The AI I have implemented is leaning more towards the ‘A’ and less of the ‘I’. They are pretty stupid! Again, something that needs more research and more learning.

  3. Well spotted! Yes, I do need to fix that. I hadn’t realised myself, as I always just wait for the respawn. It’s amazing how many little things slip through the net, as when you are making the game yourself, you just kind of get used to some of the smaller broken things!

Thanks again. I will fix the things mentioned and update this thread with a new version.



Hey, I like your character style and the game looks fun to play. Keep up the awesome work! I am going to try and remember to download it when I get home tonight to give it a playthrough.

Thanks for the support! Do let me know when you have tried it. I will always welcome more feedback!

I have been working on my Game Medieval Steve. I have managed to get the menu system working and have cobbled together an upgrades system. When the player completes levels, they will get a star rating, the stars they acquire are then used as upgrade points. Please take a look at the video and if you have any comments or criticisms, feel free to let me know. I am just a one man team, so, I need all the advice I can get.

Looking very nice, I like the platforming elements! Would love to see it when it’s finished!

Thanks! I have pretty much done with the main mechanics of the game and the majority of the core blueprints are in and working, which means; I can move on the fun part. Actually designing the levels!

I am hoping to have this sorted within around 6 months.

I will hopefully have another playable demo out for testing soon.



Hot off the press!

A brand new teaser trailer for Medieval Steve.

There will be a new demo to try soon as well, with amendments, new menu, fully functioning upgrade system, more worlds to explore and more.