Medieval Scene UE5

I wanted to create a war scene using the assets from BigMediumSmall. It’s a personal project all done in UE5.


hahah nice man im doing the same. i cant wait for the new ones they are making they got two upcoming ones

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Thanks! I got two of their packs. Great balance of big, medium, and small (pun intended) details.

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Greetings @ChromaBlue !

Thanks for sharing this epic war scene! Puts in me in the mind of the Knights Templar crusaders or Pelinal Whitestrake (The Elder Scrolls). What’s next in store for this project?

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Thanks! I was initially planning on joining the Better Light than Never challenge, but it completely slipped my mind that it’s been way past the deadline. So I turned this into a personal project. Hey, better late than never. I have plans on turning this into a short animation. But it won’t be as massive as the screenshots.

I also posted this on my Artstation page if you want to see the renders without all the compression.